Joe Cochran

Joe Cochran

Joe Cochran

Age: 50

Raised/resides in: Raised in Fultondale, resides in Pinson.

Family details: married to June Henry Cochran, with one adult child, Brooke Layton, 25. Education

Graduated from Fultondale High School, 1982 Work background

•have worked in printing industry for 28 years, as press room specialist, estimator,

procurement manager
•1982-1984 – employed at Merchants
Credit Association
•1984-1985 – Ziegler Ray Printing
•1985-1986 – Craftsman Printing
•1986-present – NCP Solutions, responsible for press scheduling, purchasing, systems management

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•2004-present – Pinson city councilman
•Pinson mayor pro tem 8 years
•Pinson roads, streets, and public safety director
•Executive director, Pinson Education

Why are you running for office?
“After years of experience in the
working environment of Alabama manufacturing, along with public service
experience from serving in local government, I feel called to represent the average Alabamian in District 17 with reallife experiences and provide a voice for
everyday working people affected by

State your qualifications for office.
•Pinson City Council member for
10 years
•Worked to set the foundation of a new
city from the ground up
•Established Pinson’s first library, zoning

enforcement, tax code, ordinances, etc.

State your platform priorities.
•Improve roads and upgrade infrastructure. •Pursue excellence in schools by working to secure the best funding possible.
•Bring good-paying jobs to district
through incentives by working with the
Alabama Department of Commerce and
the Governor’s office.

If there was one issue that you would want associated with your candidacy more than any other, what would it be?

(It would be) to work for “a strong, vibrant economy with no new taxes; reducing red tape to create new jobs.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I understand making critical decisions that will improve and upgrade public services and careful appropriation of public money. I am committed to excellence in the classroom. I know that a skilled workforce is needed to attract business and industry. I also know how to say ‘NO’ to special interests and will put the hard-working families of Alabama first. I am committed to conservative fiscal responsibility and will work to cut waste and excess out of government….I will…uphold the sanctity of life and…help preserve and protect families and senior adults. I will be available to my constituents and will set up citizen advisory groups throughout the district.”