Jefferson County needs to look at Blount

Recently, a front page story in The Birmingham News indicated an additional $5 fee is under consideration to shorten the lines and to speed up the process of issuing car tags at the Jefferson County Courthouse locations. This after several failed attempts to modernize and implement upgraded computer systems to handle what should be a simple process.

In Atlanta where several counties overlap within the city limits, and where they are responsible to check for safety inspections and required automobile insurance, the owner of an automobile can renew their car tag online from their home in a matter of minutes.

The very same week that Jefferson County published the notice of this increase which could “generate sufficient funds to repair potholes, pave streets, and hire additional personnel to speed up the process of issuing car tags,” Revenue Commissioner Gregg Armstrong announced that starting immediately any resident of Blount County can renew their car tags in Blount County from the comfort of their homes, or from the beach, or anywhere, online, and at no additional cost!

As a former resident of Blount County, and as a current resident of Jefferson County, I want to know why “big old Jefferson County” can’t do what “little old Blount County” can do … and is already doing?

Brice Marsh Birmingham