‘It’s our time’

June 3 isn’t just another election day to the members of the pro-alcohol group, A Better Oneonta. It’s the first day of progress.

“We need renewable revenue badly,” said member Richard Phillips. “Alcohol sales can generate funds by taxing and keeping the revenue on a substance already present in Oneonta. Since 2007, both Limestone Springs and Heritage Golf have generated over $1 million in alcohol revenue for our county. However, the city of Oneonta only saw $188 of that last year. Our city already deals with alcohol and gets no revenue from its sale. Since both of those locations began serving alcohol, there has not been a single alcohol related arrest of DUI at either location.”

To put their belief in the sale of alcohol into perspective, the members agreed to release their revenue information:

• $4,000 in donations invested in billboards, yard signs, and radio advertisements with many materials being used from the 2012 campaign.

• 10 biggest contributions include $7,500 from a donor for mailers, $250 from five to eight people, with the rest of majority giving at or under $100.

• A Better Oneonta did not begin accepting funds for the alcohol campaign nor did it invest in the alcohol campaign until February 2014.

“A Better Oneonta was set up in 2013 with the intention to encourage support for the economic progression and well being of Oneonta,” Phillips said. “The group has also promoted and supported the campaign to legalize alcohol sales within the city limits of Oneonta. It’s our time to grow; it’s our time to shine; it’s our time.”