Internet company seeks use of Snead facilities

David and Cindy Young appeared before the Snead Town Council seeking permission to place radio antennae atop the town water tanks. Speaking for the pair, David asked assent so that their company, Total Radio Internet, could add Snead to their list of customers.

In response to questions, Young indicated the service would cover distances of one-half to 3 miles and would offer speeds from one to five megabytes. He quoted some prices as shown in a distributed brochure ranging from $35 to $75, depending on the megabytes chosen. He assured Mayor Curtis Painter that the company holds $1 million in liability insurance and utilities department supervisor Jeff Whited that the antennae would not pose additional lightning threats.

Young explained that his company already provides service in other areas to about 40 customers and its mission is to meet that need in rural areas. Councilors decided to delay any decision until all members could examine the proposal.

Continuing a prior discussion, members discussed possible town signs. Town clerk Rae Ware had obtained information from the state which prescribes detailed limits about signs on state rights-of-way. Again, councilors chose to delay action and to explore the possibility of obtaining easements from property owners to allow larger and more substantial signs.

Whited asked guidance from the town on its new policy of charging customers who do not bring their bills a $2 fee when paying. Upon learning that the policy is posted at the billing window and has been advertised repeatedly in the local newspaper, councilors decided to continue its enforcement.

After Whited asked of adding the policy to the printed bill itself, councilors learned that the town has a supply of several hundred pre-printed blank bill forms. At Ware’s suggestion, the council decided to add the note to forms beginning with the next printing batch.

The council authorized a contract for lighting replacements in the police department for $1,595. Members also agreed to a $16,875 contract for repaving work along 1200 feet of Braswell Street for the spring.

Councilman Phillip McHan missed the Feb. 9 meeting. Councilmen Tim Kent, Greg Ogles, Charles Sanders, and Dale Snead joined Painter for the session. The council holds its regular meetings the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.