Inclement weather may force school attendance on Saturdays

Oneonta Board of Education

Finalizing the details of the new school calendar and a lunchroom renovation were the main points of discussion last Wednesday at the Oneonta Board of Education meeting.

Two 180-day calendars were sent to Oneonta City School teachers via e-mail the day before the meeting allowing them to vote for the one they preferred. The calendar, which included various holidays such as Labor Day and Veteran’s Day but schedules students to return from Christmas break on Jan. 3, won the vote 40-31. The survey response rate was around 67 percent. The calendar schedules students to return to school on Aug. 20 and be dismissed on May 23.

The 180-day calendar only allows for one weather day, Feb. 18. In case of additional closings, the missed school days will be made up on the following Saturday. If Saturdays are not an option, the students will then attend school during certain days of their spring break.

Superintendent Scott Coefield said he will choose to take away Saturdays before opting to take away from spring break days because of family vacations. He said it would be almost impossible with the 180-day calendar to fit in any more weather days or even a fall break.

“There is a possibility if bad weather hits we are going to be going to school on Saturday a lot,” Coefield said.

The lunchroom renovation is scheduled to be completed Aug. 13, a week before the school semester beings. The bid was below the board’s $250,000 budget at $247,600. Clements Dean Contractors will immediately begin work on the lunchroom after they finish their work at Southeastern School.

In other business, Don Maples was elected president of the Board and Kitty Cheak was elected vice president.

Present at the May 23 meeting were Supt. Scott Coefield and board members Don Maples, Kitty Cheak, Robbie McAlpine, Winston Scott, and Geoff Smith.