How to fall madly, deeply in love with Jesus

See Him in everything.
Look for Him.
Be available for fellowship with Him.
Take as long as you need.
Be involved in the relationship.
Pursue Him!
Chase Him if you must.
Slow down.
Wait on Him.
Let your heart be embraced by His.
Shed tears if you need to, He cares deeply.
Never ignore Him when you’re angry.
He cares.
Shout if you have to, but take time to listen.
It takes two for a relationship to work
to its fullest.
Grasp that He never leaves you.
You are loved! Know that! Remember that!
When you want to give up, give in to
His perfect love.
Trust Him with your biggest doubts and fears.
Forget about your failures, He has.
Confess your concerns.
Honor and respect the relationship.
Know how much you are truly loved.
Appreciate His sacrifice.
Know that in your valleys, He is your Rock!

– April McCay