How do you say thank you?

On March 28, a series of tornadoes ripped through Straight Mountain and the Highland Lake area. Homes and businesses were destroyed and hundreds of trees downed. Power lines and telephone lines were entangled in trees. Heavy rain fell in sheets and lightning lit up the sky. Not a nice time to be outside. But, many people were and on the scene doing what they do best – volunteering!

The Straight Mountain Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank everyone who came to help that night and the following days with clean up. We appreciate the other fire departments that assisted. District 3 and District 1 commissioners and the Oneonta Utility Department removed trees and debris that blocked roadways. Alabama Power restored the community’s electric service.

On May 1, another tragedy struck. A 15-year-old young man fell from a boat while checking for storm damage on piers. How do you say thank you to the hundreds of people who responded to help? There are no words to express how individuals felt when the rescue effort became a recovery effort. Our sympathy goes out to the family who lost their son.

If you were a rescue unit, a law enforcement officer, a dive team member, a member of a medical team, a minister, a volunteer fire department, a neighbor, or business, or one who brought, prepared, and served food to workers for four days, we salute all of you!

Take time to thank your volunteers, your town and city officials, and your law enforcement officers the next time you see them. They deserve our thanks.

Charles Tipton


Straight Mountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue