‘How do you feel about same-sex marriage?’


Much like the local wet/dry vote we’re all too familiar with, many are turning this into an issue of morality when, in fact, this is an issue of civil rights. As United States citizens, we enjoy freedom of religion – some can only enjoy it as long as it’s THEIR religion. We as Christians are charged to love one another, to judge not (lest we be judged), and obey the laws of the land. I don’t think politicians should use their authority to make, change, or ignore law based on their religious beliefs, regardless of how popular those beliefs are in a certain region. That said, this is a tough issue for those (including myself) who see homosexuality as a sin, but no greater sin than another. I succumb to gluttony almost every Monday at Charlie B’s but I don’t think we should make buffets illegal.

I know that many are screaming, “Homosexuals will burn in hell!” Again, how do you know? What about the alcoholic? Or the compulsive gambler? Or the unmarried STRAIGHT man or woman in a sexual relationship? Are we ready to send them all straight to hell yet? No? I didn’t think so.

Back to the original question, I believe homosexuals should be allowed to marry (legally) and that once all the political grandstanding is over, they’ll be allowed to marry in Alabama. And all the straight people will be ok and we’ll all live happily ever after…until the Iron Bowl.