Hot Spot



A construction hot spot has manifested itself on Ala 75 in Oneonta before you get to Walmart. It’s on the stretch of road framed by World Outreach Center on one side and Mountain Springs Plaza (J&M Pharmacy) on the other. There are three construction projects within a half a block distance – one on the World Outreach Center side of the road and adjacent to it across May Street – and two on the Mountain Springs Plaza side of the road – one on each side of it. Going away from town, the first site you come to on the left is MainStreet Family Urgent Care, scheduled to be completed in late January for a February grand opening, (depending on the weather?). Next, on the right, is the newest site, which will be a Super Dollar Tree store, completion date unknown. The third site is on the left and is the new location of WinSouth Credit Union, with an estimated completion date of spring 2016. There’s another major project trying to get moving about a mile back toward town– the worst-kept new restaurant secret in recent history – but it’s still not official yet and shall remain here nameless until the official announcement, so just hold your horses ‘til then.



Sounds like the Great Recession is winding down in Oneonta, or an economic boomlet is winding up, depending on whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full kind of person.