Hood Cemetery gets upgrade



Cemetery trustees and builders show off a new structure at Hood Cemetery near Royal. From left to right are trustee Bud Jones, trustee Dude Singleton, builder Rick Crawford, builder John Ellsworth, trustee Johnny Beason, and builder James Hawkins. Not shown: trustee Danny Hood. The stone and wood structure provides a glassenclosed display space on the front and back for families represented in the cemetery to post information relating to family history. While precise dates on when the cemetery was established are not known, a stroll through the older graves reveals the oldest legible birth and death dates on a single stone to be 1812 and 1861. The 1812 birth date probably represents a birth in another state, since this area of Alabama was not generally settled until the years after 1815. The cemetery was originally known as Jones Cemetery, changed later to Hood Cemetery for the family that owns land surrounding it.

Ron Gholson