Historical site gets copy of historical document creating it



On April 17, the Legislature passed a joint act recognizing Blountsville Historical Park as a state historic site, and placed it on the State Registry of Historic Places. Blountsville Historical Society member Jane Wright, third from left, holds a copy of the Legislature’s joint act creating the park as a historical site, printed on Legislative foolscap and suitable for framing. The copy was presented to park representatives by District 11 Rep. Randall Shedd, right, who sponsored the act, with the assistance of District 9 Sen. Clay Scofield and other members of the Blount County delegation. Look- ing on are, left to right, Blountsville Mayor Michael Glass and Blountsville Historical Society member Joyce Thompson. The joint act recognizes the significance of the old St. Stephens-Huntsville Road, an early military and settlement route, a segment of which passes through Blountsville Historical Park, lending its historic cachet to the site.

After the presentation, members of Blountsville’s Alabama 200-year Anniversary Committee, headed by Alan Gilliland, discussed ideas to participate in the state observance. Gilliland himself said he had always wanted to build a replica of the Bear Meat cabin and trading post, Blountsville’s original namesake, presumably for placement in the park. Joyce Thompson mentioned plans to build a kiosk containing detailed information about the St. Stephens-Huntsville road and its role in the pioneer-era settlement of the area, and place it along the old roadway through the park.