Henry released again

Bruce Henry, the 61-year-old inmate from the Blount County jail who was released from jail three weeks ago when it was thought he had tuberculosis, then jailed again when it was determined he did not, was released again last Friday after a motion to do so was filed by one of his attorneys, Bradley Boyd. Part of the motion reads, “The defendant is in poor health and has costly medication.” It does not state what his medical condition might be.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office operations officer Tim Kent said in a previous interview any medical care provided to an incarcerated inmate has to be paid for by the county. While there is no official diagnosis, Circuit Judge Steven King’s order last week states that when Henry’s bond was changed to a signature bond on Aug. 7, it was thought Henry might have TB and/or lung cancer. It goes on to state Henry did not have TB, but mentions no other diagnosis.

Judge King’s order states Henry must live with an adult, provide a valid address, and only leave that address to receive medical care. If he violates any of those conditions, his bond will be revoked. Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey opposed Henry’s release. In her motion doing so, Casey acknowledged Henry “suffers from a medical illness” and goes on to state the jail “has indicated that it cannot be saddled with such cost.” On Monday, she filed a motion requesting the court require Henry to wear an ankle monitor. A ruling on that motion had not been made by press time.

Henry is currently awaiting trial for robbery in the first degree, violation of Alabama’s sex offender notification act, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance, as well as four misdemeanors.