Helping the community

Jacob (left) and Isaac Buettner check Hayden’s Free Food Pantry. -Keisha Reid

Jacob (left) and Isaac Buettner check Hayden’s Free Food Pantry. -Keisha Reid

Brothers Jacob and Isaac Buettner of Hayden have started Hayden’s Free Food Pantry. Isaac gives Jacob credit for the idea; however, they are both passionate about finding ways to help others and encourage others to do the same if they can.

Recently, they were able to tag along with their uncle and his friend to pass out items to homeless people in Birmingham and see firsthand how everyone can reach one person.

Jacob, Isaac, and friends had a carwash fundraiser last summer. With funds raised from the carwash they were able to buy materials to build the pantry and stock it.

Together with a few others, they built a pantry receptacle and placed it at Hayden Middle School. It was installed and available on Jan. 6.

When asked what the most popular item donated was, they replied, “green beans, but we accept any nonperishable food item (no glass items).” They check the pantry several times a week. It is opened 24/7 for all who need items or those who would like to donate items.

They also started a Facebook page, Hayden’s Free Food Pantry, where you can find more information on ways to be involved. They ask two things of everyone: “Please donate whenever you can, and if you are needing food, please take a few items while leaving some for others who may need food also.”

They appreciate all who have helped with Hayden’s Free Food Pantry and wish one day to expand to nearby communities. Jacob and Isaac hope this inspires other people to find ways to reach out and help others.