Helping Hands of the Thin Blue Line



Families that are in need when encountered by law enforcement are the focus of a charitable campaign to provide specific items these families often need. Officers meet these families – many living in heart-breaking conditions – during the course of their work. Sometimes circumstances are such that officers pay for these items out-of-pocket to provide simple humanitarian relief, especially relating to children, according to Oneonta Police Chief Charles Clifton. The effort includes the Oneonta Police Department, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, the Blount County Civitans, WCRL 95.3 FM and World Outreach Church (soon to be Anchors Church). Below is a list of items that will be accepted. Because of liability concerns, only new items – not even lightly used items – are requested. Here’s the list:

• air mattresses• pillows• bedding• children’s car seats• wash cloths• coats and jackets• men’s clothing for all seasons
• women’s clothing for all seasons
• children’s clothing for all seasons

• baseball gloves
• footballs
• soccer balls
• bath towels
• basketballs
• baseballs

Important: The collection date and time are critical. This is not a drive of days or weeks. Collection of donations is set for one-half day only: Saturday, Sept. 16, from exactly 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Drop off donations at World Outreach Church at 2115 2nd. Ave. East (on Ala 75 north) in Oneonta. No food or money can be accepted.

Ron Gholson