Hayden marijuana bust

Monday was a busy day for the Blount County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), its Narcotics Unit, and officers from the Warrior Police Department who were working with BCSO. According to sheriff-elect Mark Moon, busy is normal.

It started off with the execution of a search warrant in the Mountain Woods Lake area near Hayden. Deputies found an as yet undetermined quantity of marijuana, bagged to sell, and an indoor grow operation. Christopher Dale Dickinson, 28, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana first degree (a felony) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia (a misdemeanor).

Dickinson remains in jail while the investigation continues.

Deputies ended the night by arresting two Oneonta residents, Benny Ray Clayton, 27, and Candace Marie Turner, 30. Both are charged with a felony count each of conspiracy to commit theft in their attempt to sell methamphetamine to an undercover officer. They, too, are still in custody.

Moon credited his deputies and Warrior officers for their long hours of work in order to protect the community. “We have a limited amount of resources, but we’re dedicating them all to address the community’s needs and answer their complaints.”