Hayden High School sets Choir and Art Extravaganza

Hayden High School music and art departments will hold their annual joint concert and exhibit on Tuesday, May 19, at 6 p.m. Called the Choir and Art Extravaganza, the event is free of charge to the community.

It is separated into three parts, featuring the first half of the choir concert in the cafetorium. After an intermission at the halfway point, the audience will move across the hall to the choir rehearsal room where the art exhibit will be staged. The exhibit will feature artwork created this year by high school art students. Some of the pieces displayed will be for sale.

Following the art intermission, participants will return to the cafetorium for the final half of the choir concert. Choir director Jason Willingham said the event will last about an hour and a half.

He said the choir will perform both serious and light-hearted music, including a piece in Latin, a piece in Japanese, an ’80s medley of songs, and a ’70s medley.

“This is our big annual event that we’ve been working on to show off the accomplishments of both departments, and we’d like to invite parents and the community to come out and enjoy it,” Willingham said.