Hayden High leads the way

One of the most exciting happenings in the county school system is Hayden High’s incorporating choir as a class earning credit and meeting every day. Maybe the students – more than 50 of them – were ready for music in addition to what they were commonly hearing.

Choir offers a pleasure similar to that of bands: the fun – and challenge – of making music together.

There are all kinds of music – songs one picks up easily and forgets as readily; country, gospel, folk songs cherished by generations; sacred harp, in danger of being lost; musical comedies that stay around for decades; songs from operas that last for centuries; jazz, pop, and on and on.

Poor is the person who enjoys one or two and rejects the rest. Jason Winningham says his students are becoming familiar with a variety, and he plans to present the choir in concert this spring.

Several schools in the system provide some musical experience, usually built around a single performance. Teachers may take on the production in addition to their full schedules or community volunteers may assume the responsibility. However it comes, it adds richness to the lives of the students and to the community.

For many, music fills a need that without it wouldn’t be met. It can refine the spirit, touch the heart, challenge the mind, and give much pleasure.

Kudos to the school board, the Hayden administration, the director, and, of course, the students.