Have fun, be safe

Alabama friends,

Jimmy and Casey Johnson experienced the most horrific event that parents can endure: the death of their child. Their daughter, Carmen, who was swimming around the pier at the family’s home on Smith Lake, drowned when the water became energized, electrocuting her in the process.

The Johnsons have chosen to transform Carmen’s death into an opportunity to save lives by warning others about the need to test wiring, sockets, and, in particular, the water surrounding their docks and piers.

Alabama is a state of abundant lakes and streams and coastline, which have become increasingly populated with cabins and homes with boathouses, docks, and piers. As the summer months approach, we will see thousands of people boating, fishing, and swimming.

On behalf of the Energy Institute of Alabama, of which Alabama Power is a member, the Johnsons taped a public service announcement about their loss and what can be done to prevent such a tragedy from happening to another family.

The PSA, which encourages dock owners to check electrical boxes, wires, and connections as well as the level of electricity in the water, shares both a poignant and critical message of safety and prevention.

Bob Blalock

Alabama Power and the Alabama NewsCenter

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