Hard work pays off

Wow; I saw “Things My Mother Taught Me” last week at the Covered Bridge Players Theatre. Excellent performances by an excellent cast. I think I laughed more that afternoon than I had in a while.

I can hardly believe that in just two short years this theatre has come so far, so quickly. We have a true gem in Blount County. I t was nice to leave church and know that I could catch a show with local talent without ever having to cross the county line.

I have to admit – this season, I did something that I always dreamed of doing but just never made time to do….I took a role in one of the productions. A small part in “Arsenic and Old Lace” gave me a close-up view to what all goes on for not just days, but weeks and months in advance of a show. I tell you this because I don’t think I would ever have grasped how much work and preparation goes into a single show had I not seen it all from behind the scenes.

Theatre is an art. Carron Clem and Mindy Wester Egan are amazing artists who have knocked it out of the park with the creation of the Covered Bridge Players.

Their patience and long hours shine through with every show that hits the stage.

You will not want to miss Season 3! I plan to get my season tickets soon. What about you?

Pamela L. Casey
Blount County District Attorney