Happy Thanksgiving!



In the world we live in, it can be easy to speed through Thanksgiving without giving it much thought. We quickly throw away our pumpkins to make room for Christmas decorations and we leave the Thanksgiving dinner table to go shop the deals at big chain stores. My faith in Thanksgiving was restored through my Sunday school class this week when most of my second- and third-grade kids answered that the things they are most thankful for are family and friends. I also had the opportunity to visit Beverly Anderson’s kindergarten class (pictured above) at Oneonta Elementary School Tuesday morning to see their play, The ABCs of Thanksgiving. Each kindergarten class dressed up as either pilgrims or Indians and performed a play to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. What are these kindergarteners most thankful for? Among the answers were family, friends, God, their home, food (one boy was especially thankful for macaroni and cheese), and pets. This Thanksgiving I hope we all pause to think about how truly blessed we are and the things in our lives that we are thankful for. I am thankful for family, friends, my church, my work family, and for amazing teachers like Mrs. Anderson.

-Jenna Wood