Happy, happy, happy!



Ever see a photo where every single person is so visibly happy? The occasion is the ribbon-cutting at Oneonta High School to celebrate the virtual reconstruction of the once-obsolete science lab. The new lab was rebuilt from stem to stearn for $250,000 – $74,000 of which was appropriated by the city of Oneonta to make the project possible.

“It’s now a cutting-edge lab – as good as you’ll find anywhere,” said Oneonta Superintendent Michael Douglas. “ and we couldn’t have gotten it done without the city’s help,” he added. Improvements? Name it. New floors, new ceilings, new sub-floor plumbing and gas lines, new air conditioning, new lighting, new fume hoods, not to mention more sinks, better eye-washing stations, and so on. The lab will serve some 300 high school chemistry, physics, and biology students, in addition to being used after school hours by Wallace State Community College for biology lab classes.

From left: Aimee Wilson, Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce executive director; Richard Phillips, Oneonta Foundation For Educational Resources (OFFER); Meghan Kilgo, Oneonta High School chemistry teacher; Ricky Hicks, Oneonta school board; Hal Blackwood, Oneonta councilman; Danny Robinson, Oneonta councilman, Don Maples, Oneonta school board; Lauren Wilson Oneonta High School principal; Oneonta Mayor Ross Norris; Tim McNair, Oneonta councilman; Tonya Rogers, Oneonta council woman; Ed Lowe, Oneonta city manager; Michael Douglas, Oneonta City Schools superintendent.

-Ron Gholson