Halloween Night

Many memories come to my mind
When I think of this night
Candy bags and costumes
Jack-o’-lantern lights
Stops from house to house
Chocolate bars and squeals
Lots of fun for everyone
Imagine how it feels
Joe said he’d be a monster
And that would be real cool
Dawn said she’s a witch
And Rachael is a ghoul
Sam will be a werewolf
Howling at the sky
When they all come to your
Door, popcorn balls will fly
I want to be real scary, Mom
But she said no, not you.
I have the thing just right–
you can be Boo Boo
We gathered more than we thought
Upon those special nights
And share them in our
Precious dreams of
Scary sweet delights



Hale says the above is “dedicated to
my cousins and childhood playmates
Joe, Dawn, Rachel, and Sam. Also in
memory of my dear mother Janet who
added her special touch to all holiday