Grateful for assistance

On the day of the big snow two weeks ago, my wife had a doctor’s appointment in Oneonta. By the time she was out of the doctor’s office, snow had covered the roads. We live on Skyball Mountain in Nectar, and were unable to get up the hill on Ala 231 going out of town.

We stayed one night at the Days Inn, but I did not have my medications with me.

I am a disabled veteran, legally blind, and take five shots of insulin daily. I also take blood pressure medicine and require assistance walking.

On Wednesday morning, we were concerned we would not be able to get home to get my medicine. A friend put me in touch with Chief Deputy Bill Ferry with the Blount County Sheriff’s Department. He arranged for Corporal Todd to take us home within a short time. After arriving home, Corporal Todd helped me get in the house and got us settled. Chief Deputy Ferry called to see if we were okay and if we needed anything else.

We would like to thank them again for all their help. Steve and Mary Ann Combs