Gospel concert turns a profit

The fact of having – not one but two – big name gospel quartets giving a joint concert in Oneonta was not only exciting and gratifying to gospel music fans, it was profitable as well, though not spectacularly so. But profit wasn’t the main reason for arranging the concert anyway. It was a side benefit, but one that did prove out as hoped.

The main reason was producer Robbie McAlpine’s desire to give back to the community, give assistance to the Agri-Business Center, and realize his goal of promoting a big-time gospel event, thus fulfilling his own emotional connection to that kind of music, based on his role in staging the annual Blount County Gospel Choir concert. The King’s Gold concert, featuring two quartets that have stood the test of time as top performers – the Kingsmen and Gold City – filled the bill nicely.

The financial results are in and are summarized below.

Total income: $ 13,467.12
Total expenses: 10,052.77
Net income: $ 3,414.35

By agreement, profits were split 60 percent ($2,048.61) to the producer, who bore costs of production, and 40 percent ($1,365.74) to the Agri-Business Center, which provided the venue.

“I think that, beyond making money, one object of the concert was to show that the Agri-Business Center could be successfully used to stage a musical event like this,” said Agri-Business Center director Chase Moore. “It’s been done in the past, but not recently, and this concert, which drew over 600 people, shows that it’s still viable.”