Good news


There’s enough hurt in this county, what with job losses, business failures, mortgage foreclosures (check the legal notices), healthcare insurance cancellations. If you aren’t experiencing one or the other, count yourself fortunate; you probably know those who are.

Thus it is that the employees of Colonial Bank’s Oneonta branch breathed a collective sigh of relief upon the assurance that their jobs are not in jeopardy following Colonial’s acquisition last week by BB&T Corp., one of the nation’s top financial holding companies with more than $150 billion in assets. BB&T’s history dates back to 1872.

BB&T told bank managers at a meeting in Montgomery that customers bank with people not with banks, and Colonial’s personnel had been doing the right things and their jobs were secure.

Seeming to mean almost as much as that to Oneonta manager Danny Robinson is the concern of local customers who have expressed their own relief that the bank staff won’t suffer from the change in ownership.

The accompanying financial stability BB&T brings bodes only well for the city and the county.