Good news in Oneonta, Alabama

In this time of change in America, how good it is to find righteousness and wisdom in the mayor’s office and sitting in the city council chambers. Our mayor and city council are such wonderful people. They serve with honor and humility and use wisdom in everything they do. They live by this everyday. Truth perseveres with them and loving-kindness upholds their offices.

In this day, when some politicians will say anything and promise everything to get into office (never meaning half of what they say) our mayor and city council put the people of Oneonta first and they have no hidden agendas. How good and pleasant it is to have righteous men and women in office.

America still has places with greatness and Oneonta, Ala., is one such place.

The men and women of Oneonta Senior Center say THANK YOU.
Robbie June Hulgan, Director/Manager

Oneonta Senior Center/Adult Day Care