Giving thanks

This holiday season, as we gather with family and friends, let’s give thanks for the bounty we enjoy, not just on the holidays, but every day. The safe, plentiful food available to us, and the products used to produce clothing, housing, medicines, fuel and other products we use, didn’t just appear in a store. They got there thanks to a tremendous partnership of farmers and ranchers, processors, brokers, truckers, shippers, advertisers, wholesalers, and retailers. Rural and urban residents are “Partners in Progress” who produce the products, consume the products, and make them readily available through an efficient production and marketing chain.

This holiday season, let’s remember the vital farm-city partnerships that have done so much to improve the quality of our lives. Rural and urban communities working together have made the most of our rich agricultural resources, and have made significant contributions to our health and wellbeing and to the strength of our nation’s economy. For this, we can give thanks.

Stephanie Miller
Blount Farm-City Chairman