Gentlemen 101



On April 4, members of the Locust Fork Masonic Lodge #481, Deputy Grand Master for the State, David Tucker, and other invited speakers took the opportunity to provide five Locust Fork High School deserving male students an informative and hands-on class entitled Gentlemen 101.

Members of the Masonic Lodge believe this class to be a valuable asset for the community. The concept is to teach the art of modern chivalry and proper etiquette to young men of good character.

Mason Jimmy Callaway said Lodge #481 wants this to become an annual event, as many young men do not know “how to be a gentleman.”

Two of the high school seniors, Mason Long and Spencer Clements, had the opportunity to pair off with a younger Mason for conversation as they enjoyed a hearty steak and baked potato meal. A discussion of table manners, dining etiquette and future plans was incorporated into this dinnertime event.

The three other students, who were unable to attend the mealtime experience, were able to meet with a Mason and have extensive discussion regarding “how to be a gentleman.”

Danya King, introduced as “the typical Southern lady with elegance,” offered the young men important advice such as, “Be a grown up. Own up to your actions. And, no means no!” As community members, she and her husband and past Master, Brett King, have these same high expectations for their children when they begin dating.

Mason Bart Blalock reminded the attendees, “Make sure your date is taken care of first. Everything is about her. Your date is your priority. She is special. We are the pawns.”

Both Long and Clements believe they were able to learn some valuable information from this class. Clements said, “This class was very helpful. I realized I’ve made a lot of mistakes.” Mistakes he plans on correcting as the prom approaches.

While this initial Gentlemen 101 class encountered some challenges, it is believed to have been successful. Several local businesses, including S & S Foods, J.T. Sherbert Barber Shop, Elegant Touch and The Flower Shop, helped sponsor this event.

The Masons simply want to make “good men better men.” By holding events such as this, there is a good possibility this will happen.