Gayle Gear

Gayle Gear

Gayle Gear

Age: 70

Born/resides in: Born in Monongahela, Penn.; resides in Mt. Olive.

Family details: married to Frederick Gear with two children: Frederick Gear Jr., 49, and Kimberly Gear Anderson (age withheld).

1961 – graduated Monongahela High
1965 – graduated California University
of Pennsylvania with bachelor’s degree in

secondary education-chemistry
1972 – graduated Salisbury (Md.) State
College with master’s of education in
1975 – graduated The University of
Connecticut with Ph.D. in educational
1988 – graduated Samford University
Cumberland School of Law with law

Work background
1965-1970 – science teacher in
Salisbury, Md
1975-1978 – assistant professor, counselor education and educational psychology, UAB
1978-1985 – associate professor of special education, UAB
1988-1989 – judicial clerkship,
Northern District of Alabama
1989-1991 – associate attorney, Sirote
& Permutt P.C.
1991-present – The Law Offices of
Gayle Gear, attorney in private practice

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•National Rifle Association, lifetime
•The Alabama State Bar
•The Alabama Republican Party

Why are you running for office?

“…As the state Senator from District 17, I hope to humbly serve the people of Alabama by representing them in the manner anticipated by our founders; selflessly, improving the individual, restraining the government, and responding to the needs of District 17 and the State of Alabama as a whole.”

State your qualifications for office.
•Dedicated to liberty and self-reliance,
promotion of the family, and the value of
all human life.
•Determined to faithfully represent
district in all of my conduct.
•Will not make the Senate a long-term

State your platform priorities
•Supporting technical education that
responds to business needs and helps grow
the Alabama economy and labor pool.
• Listening to citizens’ concerns in
periodic listening tours, then responding
to them.
•Curbing the intrusions of everexpanding government.

If there was one issue you would want associated with your candidacy above all others, what would it be?

“Technical education. …We have unfortunately failed…to promote technical training in our schools… Businesses report that so few people are trained in the technical trades, the jobs are almost impossible to fill… I want to play a role in attracting businesses to Alabama by assuring them of a large pool of skilled workers… That starts with…producing workers trained in the skills businesses need.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I humbly seek your vote and ask you to share with me your concerns and what you expect of my time representing you. Please look for our Listening Tour, coming to a location near you. This is my opportunity to meet you. Come out and tell me what issues are important to you and have your voice heard in Montgomery.”