Garden returns to TLC



Residents at TLC Nursing Center have gone green. Early in the spring, 84-year-old Gladys Breasseale asked Ina Brown, TLC’s activities director, if they could start a garden. TLC has had gardens in the past, but not in the last few years. It was Breasseale’s incentive and help from a local garden club that got one going again.

“They jumped into gear,” Brown said.

Now Breasseale is outside every day watering and weeding, along with fellow residents Darrell Faulkner, 53, and Patricia Pearce, 74. There are pots of flowers for all to enjoy in view of the back patio, while the vegetables, squash, bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, are kept in feed tubs in the front yard.

Both residents and employees at TLC are reaping the benefits. Brown said everyone is looking forward to tomato sandwiches and fried squash later this month. Most recently, they celebrated the garden’s success with a fried green tomato social.



According to Brown, Breasseale wanted the residents to be able to see and enjoy the garden.“She said,‘I just think we need to have it, and we need to show them what we can grow.’”