Future leaders

Blount County Extension, with considerable support, is initiating what promises to be an interesting opportunity for high school students wishing to become leaders.

Seventy students have been chosen to serve as ambassadors for their respective schools, including all seven in the county system.

They will serve as hosts and hostesses on campus and as ambassadors at public places and selected civic events. That first event will be a chamber of commerce breakfast, when ambassadors of Hayden and Locust Fork will meet guests and observe what goes on in the world of business and government.

Danna Standridge, extension agent assistant, is teaching students the skills involved in speaking for their schools and assisting their sponsors as they learn their roles. Students will be developing the poise and confidence necessary for effective leadership both now and as adults.

The world in which these students will later lead is going to be even more complex and challenging than is the present one. They will do well to take lessons from the successes of those who are supporting Extension in the Ambassador Leadership Program of Blount County: state Rep. Elwyn Thomas, Blount County Board of Education, Probate Judge David Standridge, and the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce. These adult leaders will do well to be on their best behavior as they serve as role models.