From the publisher

Apology, congrats, kudos

Never underestimate the power of the humble comma.

In a photo story in last week’s issue of The Blount Countian, one appeared in the wrong place and changed the meaning of an important sentence: “The BCBH will sponsor the Susan Moore archery team, the only school archery team in the county, competing in the national meet in Louisville.”

That extraordinary Susan Moore Elementary School archery team isn’t the only such team in the county: It’s the only one that will compete in the National NASP Championship in Louisville, Ky., in May.

That said, congratulations to that team and apology to the Susan Moore Middle School archery team, which performed quite well in regional competition. (For details, see advertising manager Ginger Perkins’s article on sports page 5 in last week’s issue of the paper.) And kudos to the school’s archery coaches, Lawayne Morton, Amy Clay, and David Cowan, and to Blount County Bow Hunters, which will sponsor the team on its trip to Louisville.

Not incidentally, Susan Moore is the only school in the county system fielding archery teams.