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Archives The Southern Democrat, August 15, 1984

School board to save $60,000

Blount County Board of Education has taken action expected to save more than $60,000 during the coming school year.

The board will let bids on four types of food needed for all lunchrooms instead of each school letting and awarding bids individually. The resulting lowered and consistent unit prices will enable the school board to save a projected $30,272.31 during the first semester of the 1984-85 school term.

“With these savings, we hope to leave our student lunch prices the same as last year instead of raising them, as many other school systems are being forced to do,” Supt. Joe Hazelrig explained.

Work to begin on treatment plant

A decade of preparations by Oneonta Utilities Board will culminate this month when work begins on the new and innovative sewer treatment plant near Allgood.

At the board’s regular meeting Aug. 9, Frank Langner, manager and treasurer, reported that Farmers Home Administration had approved a $1,125,000 loan to the board as the board’s matching share of the project cost. This loan will be repaid over a 40-year period.

The sewer plant will require a well in Allgood. Graves Well Drilling will start test drilling this week. If the Allgood well produces abundantly, water will be pumped from it back to Oneonta; if it is a mediocre well, it will be used for the sewer plant only, and other wells will be drilled for the Oneonta area.