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The Southern Democrat, May 11, 1967

Gas tax fund, tag bill to cost Blount $257,000

Representative Bill Lemley has advised The Southern Democrat that Blount County can expect a total of $595,000 in state gasoline tax funds in 1967. This fund totaled $717,000 in 1966, including farm-tomarket road funds.

Of Blount’s $595,000, the seven municipalities in Blount (Oneonta, Blountsville, Hayden, Allgood, County Line, Cleveland, and Snead) will divide $59,500 based on the 1960 census. Lemley says Blount can expect another decrease in funds after the 1970 census if present trends continue.

Blount’s citizens will ante up an additional $135,000 for car and truck tags for 1968. Automobile and pickup truck tags will go up $10, making them $13.75. Tornado hits Friday’s Crossing

Considerable damage was reported at Friday’s Crossing after Saturday night’s tornado. Lecil Brothers’ barn was completely destroyed, although his house 100 feet away was not touched; Early Robinson’s store roof was blown off; and trees were uprooted at Wes Allred’s home on highway 75. No injuries were reported. Movie News – Sky-Vue

Playing this week: “THE PAD (AND HOW TO USE IT)” starring Julie Sommers and Brian Bedford plus “THE PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRES”. Coming soon – “FANTASTIC VOYAGE” with Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, and Edmund O’Brien – You’ve never seen anything like it!