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The Southern Democrat, January 4, 1978

Fish Tales – fishing resolutions
by Gary Lyle Crider

This is the time of year for everyone to make New Year’s resolutions, so I have a few to pass along for fishermen. Some of these are good and some maybe not so good. Use your own judgment as to whether you might want to keep them.

I will not go on trips (especially long ones) and not take my tackle box with me.

I will not launch the boat before installing the drain plug.

I will not fish for “hawg” bass with worn-out line.

I will not break my rod trying to beat a snake to death.

I will not leave my rain suit at home when it’s pouring rain.

I will not fish for “hawg” bass with dull hooks.

I will not catch logs, stumps, and bushes when I am supposed to be catching fish.

I will not catch two-pound crappies when bass fishing, and I will not catch five-pound bass when crappie or cat fishing.

I will not be lighting a cigarette, pipe, or cigar the instant some monster fish decides to strike.

While worm fishing for bass, I will not set the hook in such a manner as to fall out of the boat.

When night fishing, I will take some kind of light with me; the reason for this is that people, unlike cats, cannot see very well in the dark.

I will not fall in the water while loading or unloading the boat. If you must fall in, it’s better to do so when loading the boat because you will be on your way home. Falling in when unloading makes for a miserable day of fishing. When you are wet and miserable, you can’t concentrate on your fishing and most likely aren’t going to catch anything.

I will not forget to take along lunch when fishing all day or all night, whatever the case may be.

I will keep reels cleaned so they will function properly when in use.

I will not throw my rod and reel in the lake while making a cast.

I will not throw my rod and reel in the lake for any other reason.

I will not lose my cool when I lose a lunker fish.

I will not lose my cool when my buddy uses a net in such a way that I lose a lunker fish.

I will not cry when I lose a lunker fish.

These are a few things you might like to think over before starting this year’s fishing. I am sure you can think of many more. Whatever you do or don’t do, I hope you have a happy and successful year of fishing. Put time and effort into your fishing trips and maybe this will be the year you get that “ole bigun.”