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The Southern Democrat, October 11, 1956

Turned out to be a good break
by Joe Marsh

We had a water main break last Thursday. Happened early in the morning – about 2 a.m. – and the first thing most of us knew about it was when we tried to turn on the faucets and nothing came out but a hissing noise.

Nobody was inconvenienced much though. Repair crew went right to work and things were fixed up in jig time.

Incidentally, the water company got a flood of payments on overdue bills that day. Lots of “forgetful” folks must have figured they were being warned!

From where I sit, sometimes our obligations slip our minds. Like the responsibility we all have to our communities… to see that our neighbors enjoy the right to decide for themselves how to work, how to vote, whether or not to enjoy a bottle of beer. Any time we “forget” we owe this right to others, we take a chance on stopping the flow of tolerance that makes this country such a grand place for us to live in.

Blooming Potato Patch

Mrs. U.M. Tolbert of Straight Mountain has a large sweet potato patch near her home that is in full bloom. As it is not a common occurence, Mrs. Tolbert sent a specimen of the vine bearing large purple blooms for display at the Democrat office.

Real chinquapins

Boss Aniton, who lives in Sand Valley, shared with us this week his recent find of chinquapins on his place near Oneonta. A new sight for the younger generation, it has pleased the older people to know this choice nut is coming back after some 30 years. Both chinquapin and chestnut trees were destroyed by a blight during the 1920s.

Young Democrats headed by Boren

The Young Democrats of Alabama, assisting the Alabama Democratic Victory Campaign, today named county chairmen to lead a statewide “Dollar for Democrats” campaign.

In charge of the drive in Blount County will be Russell Boren of Oneonta.