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The Southern Democrat, October 1, 1936

Blount County leads state in tomato acreage

Number of acres used for this crop well above 1,000

The Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, this week publishes a very interesting bit of news for the people of Blount County relative to the amount of tomatoes grown in the county.

Vegetables harvested for sale in Alabama totaled 45,202 acres in 1934, or an increase of 8,420 acres over 1929. Of this amount, Blount County supplied the following: beans, 262 acres; cabbages, 37; corn (sweet), 63; tomatoes, 1,004; watermelons, 668; all other vegetables, 884; a total amount in dollars and cents of $184,025.

It is noted in the report that the county of Blount led the entire state in the planting of tomatoes, having led the nearest county by approximately 500 acres.

Blount County holds its annual fox hunt

The annual fox hunt for Blount County will be held at Sky Ball, six miles east of Garden City and five miles south of Blountsville, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Oct. 1, 2, and 3. A string band will be on hand to furnish music.

Succeed where you are, word of Helen Keller

There is nothing like the pride of doing something worthwhile to make us forget the limitations, is there? We can do anything we really want to if we stick at it long enough. No matter how handicapped we are, we can always do something, if it is only a bright smile or a kind word or a helpful act.

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that if we were as fortunate as our neighbors, we could live better, purer, and more useful lives. I have learned from experience that if we cannot succeed in our present position, we cannot in any other. If we cannot help the world where we are, we cannot help it anywhere else. It is not the kind of environment we have but the kind of thought we think every day and the ideals we are following – in a word, the kind of men and women we are.

We have already that within us which will respond to the right influence when that comes. Let us stand upright in our own lot, and try to discover beauty, service, and happiness in our own lives.

-Helen Keller, LL.D.