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The Southern Democrat, July 20, 1944

John Hyde opens modern store

One of the most modern stores ever opened in Oneonta is the new store being opened here this week. On Friday, July 21, John Hyde will swing open the doors on his new store next door to Elmore’s 5¢ & 10¢ Store.

Only the finest and latest equipment is being used in this building. Air conditioning and the very latest display cases, along with perfect lighting fixtures and mirrors have been installed in this up-to-date and thoroughly remodeled store.

The lower floor of the new store will be used chiefly for ladies’ and children’s ready-to-wear, while the second floor will be reserved for men’s and boy’s clothing and a reserved stock, together with office room.

Oneonta and Blount County are fortunate in having this splendid new store, and the efficient and friendly service of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Hyde and employees.

Tibetans worship huge images of gods in butter

One of the strange and fascinating customs of that still unknown and mysterious land of Tibet beyond the Himalayas is the Butter Festival.

At this festival, there are erected 10-foot-high images of the gods marvelously modeled in butter. It is made from the milk of yaks and is supplied by the worshippers. Their gifts are all mixed together and then colored.

All the statues are illuminated by thousands of butter lamps, which slowly melt the butter so that, by the end of the festival, they have become just meaningless masses of fat. When everything is over, the butter is thrown away for the birds to feed on.

Builds boat on roof to beat hoax, but he didn’t

OMAHA – Ted Miller didn’t build a boat in his basement and have to tear the house apart to get it out, but he did build a boat on the roof and failed dismally in his attempt to get it down unbroken.

Miller had arranged an elaborate system of pulleys and ropes, but a steel hook broke and the craft crashed to the ground. Miller had wagered $35 he could lower the craft successfully and singlehanded.

Women dentists to get chance to serve in Navy

BOSTON – Women may now be commissioned as dentists in the women’s naval reserve, the office of naval officer procurement has announced.

Applicants must be graduates of an accredited school of dentistry, licensed to practice, and a member in good standing of the American Dental Association.

The age range is 21 to 44 years and applicants must neither be married to a naval officer nor be mothers of children under 18 years of age.