From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, June 10, 1943

Ribbon Rumblings
by H.O. Coffey

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to “get on” the editor of this paper for purely personal reasons, though his public is very much concerned. I might say right here that arrangements have been made to “sneak” this in. He, of course, would yell for a wastebasket. And while I don’t blame him, he needn’t know it until it’s too late.

You see, I’ve known this fellow since he was a mere infant. I recall many times his escapades, his ability to figure out when an older brother and this writer were planning something “without him,” and his insatiable appetite. He had about as much sheer courage as any kid was ever given in a lump sum. He still has all of it.

Recently, Mr. Editor bowed to an overworked physique. Now, said I to myself, the crazy galoot will have to slow down. No amout of writing to him personally will bring even a card in reply but one of my “operatives” advises that it looks like he might be learning some sense – meaning that he can’t do four men’s work and not “pay off” the wrong way. I forgot to ask about his appetite, but he’s still in pretty good shape if he can’t handle a pound of steak at a sitting and wind up with a pint of milk and half a pie.

All of this may sound a bit off topic for the Rumbler, but the truth is I’m rather fond of this bird. I never had a brother and he has filled that vacancy and more. He’s the one that “comes through” when the whole world seems against you. His loyalty to “his own” is one of the finest traits of his many-sided character.

Whether you like this column or not, I know you like the man who is putting out one of the best weeklies in the South. He’s one of you. I’m appealing to his Blount County friends to “get hard” with him if necessary, and make him behave. Since his name appeared in the masthead, he’s given the paper his all. Is there more? Not in my arithmetic!

I’m not going to worry one moment whether Mr. Howard likes this discussion or whether he doesn’t. I’ll take care of myself if you all will take care of him for me and his family.

Jelly making

Don’t be too ambitious. You’ll have more success and be less tired out if you can only small quantities of fruit at a time and “do it right.”

Unless you have all your neighbors and cousins and family helping you on canning, and have to tackle the job alone, do not try to put up bushels of produce.

Have a day for jelly making and jam making just as you set aside a day for washing and ironing. Make it a rule not to have house cleaning or any other big job on the same day for you’ll be too tired to concentrate as you should on canning.