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The Southern Democrat, April 9, 1981

Cleanup week sets record
special to The Democrat

Blount County Beautiful’s 10th annual Clean Up the Countryside week is now history. And it will go down in the record book because of the increased number of people who participated and the amount of collected trash hauled to the landfill (on free day March 27) for proper disposal.

Why was the 1981 cleanup so successful? Who was responsible? It was a lot of people, hundreds and hundreds of them. It was the Extension Homemaker club members who were the earliest Blount Countians concerned about proper disposal of solid waste; the garden club members who have a long list of improvement and beautification successes to their credit; church groups around whom much community activity is centered; school children, 4-H’ers, and Scouts and their dedicated leaders; civic groups with an eye to the need for better community life… and on and on. It was representatives from all of these groups who did the job.

It was the community news reporters for The Southern Democrat who gave extensive coverage to plans and activities in their respective communities; it was frequent reminders over WCRL-WKLD about cleanup and the Treasure Hunt for marked litter that the radio station and some of its advertisers sponsored.

Special recognition is also due those who operate the Friday’s Crossing Landfill. A thorough cleanup would be impossible without the landfill, which was opened in April 1972 and was the factor most responsible for the creation of Blount County Beautiful’s Environmental Improvement Program now observing its 10th anniversary. The landfill is a very important county operation that many people are inclined to take for granted.

Keep America Beautiful Day is also observing its 10th anniversary this year on April 25. All who were involved in the March 23-27 effort in Blount County are reminded of this opportunity to do something more and something special on nationally observed KAB Day. It could be work in some area that was neglected during cleanup due perhaps to lack of time and/or volunteers.

Keeping Blount County Beautiful helps Keep America Beautiful. It’s just the patriotic thing to do!