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The Southern Democrat, February 23, 1922


J.R. Calvert, who made his announcement for Sheriff last week, has withdrawn from the race.

Mr. Calvert tells us that after talking the matter over with his wife and some of his church people that he had come to the conclusion that it would interfere with his work as a minister and that after due consideration he had decided to withdraw. He says he appreciates the confidence his friends have manifested in him and the interest they were taking in his candidacy.

There is no question that Mr. Calvert had a strong following that will be disappointed when they learn that he has withdrawn.


Scientists unduly agitated over the reported discovery of new human race in India

Recently there was announced the discovery of a new human race in the Himalaya mountains. They were the “abominable men of the snows,” particularly hideous, haired ferocious beings, of whom an explorer had revealed traces.

Well, these abominable men, says the Petit Paresien, are no men at all, but big monkeys already known by science. One of them can be seen in the galleries of the museum. To tell the truth, this langur (such is its name) is stuffed, which, however, does not prevent its having been alive and its having come from the region of the Himalayas where its fellows are living in numerous troops.

This revelation, so unpleasant for the manufacturers of prodigious adventures, comes from Mr. Goodwin Austin who has given in La Nature the most complete details about this monkey of Tibet which for a moment was promoted to the superior rank of man.

-from the New York Tribune


Fortunate inhabitants of Lundy altogether free from visitations of the tax collector

The stipend of £60 ($300) a year offered by the ecclesiastical commissioners to any clergyman disposed to take spiritual charge of Lundy Island seems a fair one, in view of the fact that the island measures only 3.5milesx1mileandnumbersbarely200inhabitants.

The people of Lundy pay neither rates nor taxes; there are no poor, because all the inhabitants have work found for them; and there are no police because there are no law breakers.

Lundy has twice been in the hands of foreigners – once when captured by a band of Turkish pirates, and again in the time of William III when French privateers gained temporary possession.

-London Tid-Bits