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The Southern Democrat, November 10, 1966

Veterans Day

It is unlikely there will be any armistice in the elephant grass and rice paddies of Viet Nam on Friday, Nov. 11, Veterans Day. And the men fighting there may not have time to entertain such tidbits of history as the fact that the original Veterans Day marked a cease-fire between the Central Powers and the Allies in World War I.

Even so, they might be cheered to know that we at home are not unmindful of those who serve – and of those who have served – their country in times of war. We believe that Blount County boys in Viet Nam will be reassured of our gratitude to them as we express appreciation through Blountsville’s parade of flags for others who have taken part in the long fight for freedom. Doubtless some of the flags will represent the kinsmen of those who are now fighting.

It is hoped that Blountsville’s lead in this significant observance of Veterans Day will reverse the recent trend of allowing it to go unnoticed. Elaborate functions aren’t necessary, perhaps aren’t even desirable, but some formal recognition of the significance of the day surely is in order.

It has increased significance with Americans again fighting in the field to preserve the ideals that established our country. The president has issued a proclamation requesting special emphasis: “We honor those who wore the uniform in days past and those who wear it today. Our thoughts are with the thousands who are resisting the forces of aggression in Viet Nam.”

The proclamation urges all citizens to take part in ceremonies, particularly students in schools, colleges, and universities and other younger citizens, to “demonstrate to all the world their support of those who fight today.”

The observance by younger citizens of Veterans Day, with this special emphasis, would be highly appropriate inasmuch as it is their contemporaries, or at least their acquaintances, who, at great personal risk, are supporting American ideals of freedom and peace. We wonder how many Blount County schools will help their students recognize the day and its significance.

-Mrs. Rice M. Howard, Editor