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The Southern Democrat, October 12, 1922

Ferocious “lions” turn out to be dogs

Toledo, Ohio – The “ferocious man-eating lions” that have been terrorizing the natives in the vicinity of Mt. Victory are two Airedale dogs, according to Louis Scherer, keeper of the Toledo Zoo, who returned after spending a day in the woods of Hardin County. He declared that the trail of the “beasts” ended when two Airedale dogs were found concealed in a thicket.

Civilization rules

Here are 14 rules of conduct adopted by the “New Civilization” movement which is said to be transforming the little town of Foxboro, Mass.:

1. Get all the joy out of life you can; give it to the first person you meet and then repeat.

2. Do the things that are right for all.

3. Put your ideals into practice.

4. Do the things you would like to see others do.

5. Be the kind of person you would like to have for your best friend.

6. Say what you think and mean what you say.

7. Control yourself and work for what you want.

8. Take what belongs to you and see that others get what belongs to them.

9. Treat yourself right and you will be treating others right.

10. Belong to the New Civilization.

11. Earn your own living.

12. Take care of your obligations.

13. Build up a reserve.

14. Have open hands, open mind, open heart.

New depot

Oneonta needs a new depot. This matter was taken up some years ago and the war was made an excuse for delay, and we are still using a building that is far from satisfactory to the traveling public and those who have business with the L&N. The location of the station is bad – between two railroad tracks where a person is always in danger going to and from the trains. The people of Oneonta are entitled to better accommodations and should demand it.