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The Southern Democrat, September 6, 1928

Business men arrested

Quite a sensation was created in Oneonta last Saturday morning when four men were arrested and placed in jail charged with murder in connection with the killing of Lillie Cobb, a negro woman, on Sunday night, April 25, 1926. These men were indicted by the grand jury which was in session here last week.

The men under indictment are John F. Wade, blacksmith, undertaker, and proprietor of the Wade Filling Station; Byron Hurst, proprietor of the Woco Pop Service Station; Joe Harris in charge of mechanical department of Tolbert’s Garage; and W.E. Evans, proprietor of the City Barber Shop.

It is alleged that these men were in a party of robed and hooded men who visited the home of Emery Cobb, a negro, and were fired into by the negro man. Members of the party are said to have returned fire. Cobb’s wife was shot through the abdomen and died a few hours later.

Edgar Moses was found in a hospital later with one of his hands torn to pieces. It is alleged that this was done when Cobb fired on the intruders. Moses was indicted by the grand jury that was assembled immediately after the tragedy. The case was continued from time to time but Moses was not arraigned for trial until the present term of the court.

The trial is set for today (Wednesday) and a special jury has been drawn to try the case. In the meantime, he has been out on bond.

The men recently arrested in this case have not been allowed bond. It is understood that if bond cannot be agreed upon, they will try to obtain their freedom upon a writ of habeas corpus.

These men are all regarded as good citizens and have never been in the courts before.

A civil suit is now pending against Attorney General McCall in connection with the investigation of this case.

Blountsville to get electric lights

The Municipal Water and Light Company has made application to the Public Service Commission for permission to construct transmission lines from their plant in Hanceville to Blountsville so as to serve that community with lights and power.

The same company is asking permission to serve Garden City and Bangor.