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The Southern Democrat, July 25, 1929

Marion County News

A community instead of sitting down and idly wishing for industries to come and longing for the things that build a bigger and better city should seek to create a consciousness among the people that these things can be secured. Once this is done, industries and improvements will come and the city will grow and progress. A great many enterprises are largely an attitude of mind, largely the thinking we can. The same is true of a community. When the community gets a “success” consiciousness, a belief in itself, a conviction that is does not have to accept fate meekly, but can achieve and acquire then the things desired will come and the community will grow.

What’s the story in the rock?

That’s the question asked by hundreds of people who have viewed a sandstone in front of The Democrat office that was taken from a bluff on the Warrior River last week by G.K. Posey.

On this rock is clearly imprinted the tread of the old high pressure Goodyear Diamond tread tire. It looks as though an automobile had run across the rock when it was in a soft state. The piece of rock broken off is about two feet in length and the imprint extends the entire length of it. Each diamond is perfect in shape, measuring one inch in length and one half inch in width. In the center of each appears to be a figure or letter of some description.

Mr, Posey was getting out some building stone when he discovered this rock with this peculiar imprint on it. It was found extending out of a bluff of rock on the banks of the Warrior River a short distance above the bridge on the road from Cleveland to Blountsville. It is not known how far the rock with the “auto tread” on it extends back into the bluff.

Mr. Posey sent the rock to The Democrat office by his brother Chief T.W. Posey.

Everybody agrees that the imprint is that of the Goodyear Diamond Tread, but no one can explain how it got there. It was found in a place where an automobile could not go and the rock is of hard sandstone which appears to have been there for ages.

Toy balloon traveled far

A Swedish toy balloon recently made a safe crossing of the North Sea, and landed in Yorkshire, in England. It was given away, with many hundred others, by a department store in Malmoe, in the southern Swedish province of Scania, and let loose by a youngster there. On the diminutive gas bag was printed the name and address of the store for advertising purposes. The other day the manager of the store received it in the mail from a person in Yorkshire. It was deflated and wrapped in paper, but undamaged.