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The Southern Democrat, June 19, 1973

Outdoor cooking

AUBURN – “Always put safety first when cooking outdoors,” says Dr. Billy Powell, Extension food scientist.

Place your barbecue grill away from buildings, trees, dry grass, and shrubs. And have a water pistol handy to put out flare-ups.

Use liquid charcoal lighter fluid, an electric starter, or kindling to start your fire instead of gasoline or kerosene, Powell says. Never add liquid starter after the coals are burning.

The specialist recommends keeping children and pets away from a hot grill before, during, and after cooking. Also, be sure that your grill is on sturdy ground and can not tip over easily.

Protect yourself by using heavy mitts when handling cooking utensils, says Powell. And don’t wear loose clothing that might catch fire.

Good new source

AUBURN – Nutritious and highly-adaptable peanut flakes may loom on the world market as a major tool in meeting growing protein and calorie demands, says Dean Bond, Extension peanut specialist.

The high-protein flakes are well balanced with fat and carbohydrates. They are bland in taste, white, and can be added to a number of foods to extend volume and nutritional content, adds Bond.

Peanut flakes can also be used as a basic material from which many new food products can be developed. Such food items as cheese, bacon- and onion-flavored spreads, and ham-flavored luncheon meat have been made from the peanut flakes. The flakes have been combined with chicken, turkey, and other meats for low-cost boneless chicken, turkey, and meat rolls.

The National Guard

The National Guard is the oldest and largest of all reserve forces. It actually dates back to the “Minute Men” or “citizen soldiers” of colonial days.

From the American Revolution on, units of the National Guard have participated in every war in which this country has been engaged. As recently as October 1961, the National Guard again demonstrated its readiness by helping check a communist threat to freedom in Berlin. Unlike the other reserve forces, the National Guard serves a second function in addition to the defense of America. It is the only military organization assigned – and trained – to aid in state emergencies.

Flood, fire, explosion… stranded family in need of medical attention… entire community to be aided: the National Guard answers the disaster call.