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The Southern Democrat, May 15, 1958

A plea to vandals from Oneonta citizens

To those who take flowers that do not belong to them from our cemeteries:

Did you ever stop to think how you would feel if you went to the graveside of a loved one and found the flowers gone that you had placed there? Surely, if you are a grown up with a conscience, you cannot enjoy these flowers about your home. Whatever you do with them makes no difference; you took something that did not belong to you and you are hurting yourself.

I am not mad at the one who took flowers from my lot; I am sorry for you. I am sorry also for you who are using the cemeteries for parking places and who do not respect these sacred plots enough to carry your garbage away with you.

When you reach the entrance to Oak Hill Cemetery, stop and view the plaque of those three gracious women who have so willingly given so much of their time and energy to make beautiful the places for the memory of our loved ones. The efforts of these women have been to create beauty, not to destroy it as somebody is now doing.

Essie Harris

Editor’s note – Soon after the above article was brought in for publication in the Democrat, we had a phone call from Mrs. S.T. Jenkins asking that we express for her also the bitter feeling she has toward the vandals who this week ruined the flowers placed on Mr. Jenkins’ grave Memorial Day. The potted geraniums in full bloom were broken – maybe for cuttings, maybe just for the sake of destruction.

Each year we have the same plea from citizens, asking that something be done. Maybe the organized efforts of various groups, with the help of the city authorities, could be the answer. Somehow, we believe that those who are guilty of this vandalism never see the pages of the Democrat, and do not know of these requests made by the ones who are wronged.

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