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The Southern Democrat, January 25, 1968

Sheriff arrests three for grand larceny

Edward Brady Cotrell, 20, Roger D. Cotrell, 16, and Ollie Joe Hyde, 18, of Cottondale, were arrested by the sheriff’s department Jan. 17 near Friday’s Crossing and they were driving one of two vehicles stolen in Tuscaloosa; the other car had been sold. They were charged with grand larceny, and they were returned to Tuscaloosa.

Oden Lett of Altoona Route 2 was arrested and charged with possesssion of a whiskey still located near Snead. Following the arrest by the sheriff’s department, ATU and ABC representatives, Lett was released on $1,000 bond pending action of the county grand jury. Three hundred gallons of mash and the still were destroyed in the raid.

Home recreation needs

Home recreation needs are greater than most families realize in this fast-paced space age. A recent poll of 2,000 adolescents reveals that about 90 percent of the youngsters said they had more fun away from home. Most of these youth added that they wished more home pleasures were available.

Many parents make the mistake of getting so involved in providing good things for their children — clothes, food, books, television, sports equipment, automobiles — that they forget how important it is to the child for the parents to give of themselves.

There is no shortcut to a sense of togetherness in the family. It comes from doing things together. As family fellowship increases, maladjustments in children decrease.

– Mildred Gilbert

News from Southside and Sand Valley

Teenagers thoroughly enjoy evenings and weekends at the “Big S” in Sand Valley. Music and delicious food are the specialties. This wholesome environment answers the needs of the young people for this time of year and we hope it will help during the summer also. Mr. and Mrs. James Staton are proprietors.