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The Southern Democrat, January 8, 1928

Susan Moore school burns

The Susan Moore School at Clarence was destroyed by fire, the fire being discovered shortly after 6 p.m. last Friday.

The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is said to have caught from the inside of the building.

An extension of the building had just been completed and was awaiting acceptance by the State Inspector before being put to use.

The building as a whole and the fixtures cost approximately $30,000. We understand that only $5,200 insurance was carried.

The building was the best wooden structure in the county. The school had recently been made an accredited high school and was doing splendid work under the supervision of W.A. Moore.

We understand that plans are being made to rebuild and citizens of the community began cutting and hauling logs to the saw mills Monday.

Arrangements have been made to carry on the school in church houses and other buildings until the building is replaced.

The original building was made possible by the liberal contributions by Drs. Dee S. and Joe G. Moore, of the South Highlands Infirmary, of Birmingham. The school was named for their mother who spent the greater part of her life in Clarence.

What’s the matter with Blount?

Within the past two years, 190 citizens have moved into another county, 146 into another state, and 116 have died, making 442 names stricken from the poll list.

During registration month, latter part of 1927, a few less than 200 were added to the poll list. Of the 200, only 46 were women. The women should avail themselves of the privilege of citizenship — their vote is needed for or against every issue. Many of our teachers have not yet reached 21, but it is inexcusable, with the convenience of the “absentee vote,” that a teacher fail to register, pay poll tax, and vote.

Bond issue defeated

The school building bond amendment was defeated by an overwhelming majority in the election held Tuesday. According to unofficial newspaper reports, the vote was about three to one against the proposition. The country vote as well as the city vote was against it.