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The Southern Democrat, January 1, 1976

Coming: photos on driver licenses

“The new Alabama driver license law, passed Sept. 23, is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1, 1977,” says Col. E.C. Dothard, Department of Public Safety director. “There are some striking changes which will affect each individual holding a driver license issued by the state of Alabama. The most noticeable of these changes will be, or course, that a picture of the license holder will appear on the driver license.”

Another difference that is sure to be noted immediately is that the license will cost $9 and will be renewed every four years instead of every two years as it has been for more than 23 years.

Children change Christmas

Yes, there were 44 beautiful children at Blountsville Jaycees’ annual Christmas party for underprivileged children of the area and to persons holding the party, those children brought back the true meaning of Christmas — the gift of LOVE!

In 1974, there were only 25 children.

The party was held at First Methodist fellowship hall on Christmas Eve. It was a sight to behold: the shining and eager faces awaiting Santa in most unbelievable anticipation. It was surely a night that would forever remain in the young minds of the 44 children.

Those 44 special children really did something for all of us without their realizing it: in the years of their innocence they definitely did bring back the real meaning of Christmas — LOVE — to each observer.

Snead and vicinity

Christmas is history and the New Year is something to look forward to with high hopes and continual efforts in that direction.

Many families were privileged to be together during the holidays. As long as my parents lived and kept a home, that visit was the highlight of the year. Now I am on the receiving end and I still look forward to the day when my children will be home for the holidays.

Happy New Year to all!